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Owners of Properties

For the owners of properties we ensure overall assistance in the field of selling or leasing commercial and residential properties. In marketing we use optimal strategies for addressing appropriate interested parties in the right way. Our objective is to fulfill the owners` expectations in the shortest time possible.

1) Sale of properties

In the process of selling properties the owner may act in two different ways. According to his specific intent we shall choose either a public or an off-market mode. In both cases we ensure complex services for the property owners.

Off-market sale

We recommend an off-market sale in the case the owners for some reason or another do not want the information on sale to become public. The main advantages of the off-market transactions are as follows:

  • Fast, undisturbed and factual negotiation
  • Strong focus of both parties on the transaction
  • Elimination of an uncontrolled distribution of information within the property market
  • Zero publicity
  • Minimal negative influence on clients, employees and business partners
  • Possibility to withdraw the offer of sale without any negative influence on the owner's reputation

A potential weakness of the off-market transactions may be insufficient competition on the part of prospective buyers. This weakness can be reduced only through a very thoughtful selection of potential partners to whom the offer for sale is provided. It is essential to select such partners who shall not abuse their off-market positions and shall bid a true market price. The bid shall be compared with the property's qualified market appraisal.

The process of the off-market transactions includes the following steps

  • Performing basic analysis of the property
  • Defining the owner's expectations
  • Collecting all fundamental information on the property
  • Identifying ideal investors for the off-market transaction
  • Creating an information brochure and an investment memorandum
  • Setting the sale schedule
  • Addressing 1-3 preferred partners
  • Organizing the property visits
  • Evaluating the bids
  • Negotiating and the structuring the deal
  • Assisting in signing the contracts.

Sale in the form of a market tender

We recommend a tender process to the sellers who do not mind the publicity associated with publishing the transaction's intent and to those whose internal decision process requires evidential comparison of various bids.


  • Addressing a wide range of prospective buyers
  • Possibility of comparing various bids
  • High probability of achieving the best price
  • Good data for management decisions


  • Slower and more demanding process
  • Possible overloading by particular partners` bids
  • Possible distortion of information on the free market
  • Possible negative impact on clients, employees and business partners
  • Difficulties in case of the offer's withdrawal from the market

The process of the selection procedure includes the following steps:

  • Performing basic analysis of the property.
  • Defining the owner's expectations.
  • Collecting all fundamental information on the property.
  • Creating an information brochure and an investment memorandum.
  • Setting the sale schedule.
  • Identifying a target group of prospective buyers.
  • Addressing the prospective buyers.
  • Organizing the property visits.
  • Collecting, comparing and evaluating the bids.
  • Negotiating and structuring the deal.
  • Assisting in signing the contracts.

2) Lease of properties

In connection with some investment activities we also deal with leasing itself. We especially focus on commercial space and premises for light production and logistics.

The process of cooperation concerning the lease includes the following steps:

  • Identifying a target group of prospective tenants.
  • Building a database or selecting contacts from the existing database.
  • Selecting the approach strategy.
  • Assisting in the creation of marketing materials.
  • Addressing the prospective tenants.
  • Follow up and communicating with prospective tenants.
  • Overall coordination and support in negotiating the lease conditions.

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