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As we ourselves act as developers regarding some of our projects, we fully understand the developer's position and his view of a certain project. We can easily identify the key parameters and assess the project professionally. As concerns developers we search for lands and projects in various stages of preparedness. We focus on residential, commercial as well as industrial projects. Our ambition is to become a strategic partner and to assist the developer from the lands` acquisition through the premises` leasing to the investment sale. Within some projects we act as a JV partner.

The process of cooperation with developers includes the following steps:


  • Defining expectations and strategy.
  • Assisting in setting the business plan.
  • Searching for and identifying lands or projects according to the specification.
  • Search on behalf of the client (clients name remains confidential).
  • Contacting the owner.
  • Collecting all fundamental information.
  • Projects` summarizing and presenting.
  • Negotiating and structuring the deal.
  • Assisting in signing the contracts.


  • Identifying a target group of prospective tenants.
  • Building a database or selecting contacts from the existing database.
  • Selecting the approach strategy.
  • Assisting in the creation of marketing materials.
  • Addressing the prospective tenants.
  • Follow up and communicating with prospective tenants.
  • Overall coordination and support in negotiating the lease conditions.

Investment sale